SOtM Audio

SMS-1000sq Eunhasu Eunhasu based music server. USB output. 64GB SSD Storage 37200
SMS-1000sq Eunhasu Digital Eunhasu based music server. USB Output. S/PDIF Output. 64GB SSD Output. 42500
SMS-1000sq Eunhasu Analog Eunhasu based music server. USB output. Analog output. 64GB SSD Storage 42500
Optional sCLK clock Super accurate Word clock 5300
Optional SCLK-1322/24 Super accurate Word clock 8500
sMS-200 Eunhasu based network adapter player. 4650
DX-USB-HD Digital to Digital converter ( USB to S/Pdif / Toslink/AES) 4650
sDP-1000EX DSD DAC -Preamp. Battery powered 36500
SCLK-2224 Optional Clock upgrade 5300
Optional SCLK-1322/24 Super accurate Word clock 8500
TX-USB-EX Audiophile PCIexp to USB Audio Card 3000
DC Power
SPS-1000 DC power supply 3 poutputs 10650
mBPS-d2s Dual battery supply for DX-USB-HD 4650


JohnBlue Audio

Jb3 3" Monitor 3200
Jb3F Floorstanding 3" 10500
Jb8 8" Floor standing 25000
M3 3" Sattelite monitors 1000
Inception 1.5 2-Way monitor 4750
Super Tweeter Super tweeter 110-118db 20000
SC.88 3M Reference loudspeaker cables, Spades 3000
SC50.2 3m Entry level Loudspeaker cables , Banana plugs 1500
Wizard 0.75m High end Interconnect 3995
Blade 0.75m High end Interconnect 4995
LC35s 0.75m Entry Level Interconnect 1500
PC1000s 0.75m Entry Level Interconnect 1500

Burson Audio

Soloist SL Headamp 7000
The Conductor V2+ Reference Level 3-in-1 HeadAmp-DAC-preamplifier. SABRE ESS DAC 18000
Timekeeper Reference amplifier 80w/8ohm 29500
Timekeeper Virtouso Reference amplifier 100w/8 ohm 41500


SM-300b PP-300b Integrated . 24/96 USB DAC 69400
Power Condition
Model 500 500VA   Power Conditioner 12000
Model 1000 1000VA Power Conditioner 15000
Model 3000 3000VA Power Conditioner 22000
Classic 500 500VA   NBT Power Conditioner 15000
Classic 1000 1000VA NBT Power Conditioner 22000
Classic 3000 3000VA NBT Power Conditioner 40000
Classic 4000 4000VA NBT Power Conditioner ( basert på 6KVA trafo) 50000


MyTek Digital

Brooklyn  DAC+ Precision Level PCM/DSD/MQA DAC - PreAmp -RIAA 21995
Brooklyn AMP 300 watt 4 Ohm stereo effektforsterker 18995
Manhattan DAC II Reference DXD/DSD256/MQA DAC-Preamplifier 58995

Heed Audio

Loudspeaker Euro
ENIGMA FIVE 2-way Sub Omni -directional TMR® loudspeaker 2900
Cartridge Euro
ZENE mr Low-output MC Cartridge with micro-ridge stylus 850
Cables Euro
DACORD Coax cable 0.5m 55
PCCORD 6/6- or 6/4-pin Power Supply Cable for Obelisk PX, 1.2 m 70
ConCord Interconnect 1.0m 190
TT Power Supply Euro
ORBIT 1 Two-speed (33/45) Turntable PSU – 110V 380
ORBIT 2 Two-speed (33/45) Turntable PSU – 230V 380
HeadPhone Amps Euro
CANAMP II Class-A Headphone amplifier 380
CANALOT Reference Class-A Headphone Amplifier with Q-PSU+ Dactil-1.2 D/A 980
CANALOT Reference Class-A Headphone Amplifier with Q-PSU 650
CANALOT Reference Class-A Headphone Amplifier with Switch mode PSU 870
PhonoAmps Euro
QUESTAR MM or MC Phono Stage with 'Wall-wart' PSU 350
QUASAR Reference MM / MC Phono Stage with 'Q' Regulated Outboard PSU  900
Q-PSU Regulated Outboard PSU separately, for use with Questar, Luna II  325
DACTILUS 3 24bit/192kHz D/A Converter with "Wall-wart" PSU 550
DACTILUS 3/Q-PSU 24bit/192kHz D/A Converter with External Q-PSU 850
Obelisk Range Euro
OBELISK Si III Enhanced Obelisk Si Integrated Amp (with Volume/Mute RC & Upgrade Options) 1330
+ with Vinyl 1.0MM phono module 1450
+ with DACtil 2.1 DAC kort 1650
OBELISK X4 External Power Supply for OBELISK Si N/A
OBELISK PRE Line Preamplifier (with Volume/Mute RC & Upgrade Options) 1450
OBELISK PS 50W per Channel Stereo Power Amplifier  1450
OBELISK PM 70W Mono Power Amplifier 1450
OBELISK PX Fully regulated External PSU for upgrading Obelisk PRE (Quasar, Dactilus and Canalot) 950
OBELISK DA D/A Converter 1600
OBELISK DT Digital Transport CD 1450
OBELISK TOL Flagship 4-box pre/power combination inc. PRE / PX / 2x PM 5500
Options Euro
Vinyl 1.0  MM Phono Module (Plug-in card for Obelisk Si / PRE) 150
Dactil 1.2 D/A Converter Module (for Obelisk Si / PRE / Dactilus / Canalot 240
Dactil 2.0 D/A Converter Module doe Obelisk DA 360
Thesis line
Thesis Alpha High End Forforsterker inkl.DAC 3000
Thesis Pi Ekstern PSU med 2 uttak for Alpha og Phi 1690
Thesis Phi High End MM/MC RIAA trinn trenger Pi PSU 1800
Thesis Omega Mono effekttrinn 2400



Ear Speakers
H2+ AMT based Ear Speakers 15000
TR2 Step-up Transformer 10000
H2-thin pads Thin Pads for H2+ 375